The best alternatives to The Daily Mini-Journal are Day One Journal, Jour, and Ponder. If these 3 options don't work for you, we've listed over 10 alternatives below.
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Best alternatives to The Daily Mini-Journal
  • Capture your life with Day One Journal. The #1 app for journaling. Your journal for life.

  • Jour is here to help you feel your best, offering you both a place to jot down what's on your mind as well as guided Journeys, if you’d prefer an interactive, step-by-step approach to tackling a specific topic. All entires are encrypted for your eyes only.

  • Ponder guides you through daily journaling right from your new tab. With self-reflective prompts, fast keyboard shortcuts, aesthetic backgrounds, and privately-stored entries, you can just focus on writing — Ponder takes care of the rest.

  • Develop a daily journaling habit using Gekri, a privacy-focused online journal. Record your feeling and watch your level of happiness. Your data is secure and encrypted using Blockstack ecosystem.

  • PurposeCards were designed to be the easiest and most convenient way to journal daily. Two-sided and the size of a credit card so you can take charge of your day from anywhere. Complete one half during the day, the other half at night, and store in the box.

  • Embrace catharsis with our minimalist platform, a safe haven for your highs and lows. Share thoughts anonymously or unmasked, celebrating the essence of you. Your voice, your choice. Bublr, made by people, for the people.
    Such a great concept. My cup of tea. btw, for accessibility's sake, please highlight the save icon (the tick mark), or use a text there instead - spent a few good minutes to figure that out because i could only see the *make draft* and *delete* buttons when i wanted to update the slug.

  • Happyfeed is a simple journaling app to help you cultivate moments of joy by reflecting on 3 good things each day. Improve your happiness and create a space filled with happy memories.

  • Keep track of important areas of your life in less than a minute a day. Create categories, habits, goals that you want to track. Each day simply swipe left or right on each category, add a note, photo or voice message, and you are done. Track trends overtime.

  • Journal when ever you feel like it with the help of journaling cues. Publish your selected writings online to share with your friends or family, as a blog.

  • Reflect Academy is the concise guide on how to take great notes. We cover the principles of effective note-taking, daily journaling, backlinks and tags, as well as some more in-depth video tutorials of real-world examples like creating a personal CRM.

  • Diem is great for anyone looking to start a journaling practice. Over time, you’ll be able to look back and see what you did on the same day each year. Stay motivated with reminders, streaks and beautiful badges you can earn and share along your journey.

  • The ultimate journal to collect your memories and reflect on your life. Created together with well-known psychologists. Start Writing Your Story in Q365 diary!

  • Diario is a simple diary application on the blockchain. It's easy to use and cleanly designed to allow you to focus on what matters, the writing. It's also secure

  • Keeping a diary/journal can be great habit but it can feel like a chore sometimes. The millions of note apps out there fell short to handle this so we made Jarme to make journaling fun again. With flying colors and a myriad of handy features that we personally use everyday are now available at your fingertip with our web and mobile apps.

  • Today, I am excited to present the Premium Stoic Journaling Template for Notion, an advanced tool designed to provide you with a holistic and cyclical approach to self-improvement.

  • Need a quick and effective way to journal amidst your busy schedule? ReflectMate is the ultimate Notion template designed specifically for busy individuals. Pick from 3 powerful journaling methods that take less than 5 minutes of your time per day.

  • Featured by Apple "Best New Apps" in 2014 Capture your daily life using this new awesome journaling tool. Daily Journal allows you to document, capture, explore and share everything that has gone on in your life or is happening in realtime.