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The best alternatives to Tangerine are Focus Bear, WinDiary, and Tibio. If these 3 options don't work for you, we've listed over 20 alternatives below.
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Best alternatives to Tangerine
  • Focus Bear is a productivity and habit app built by a team with ADHD and ASD for people who need better focus. Helps you build better habits through real time habit guidance. Gets you into deep work by blocking distractions across all your devices (desktop and mobile).

  • WinDiary: Your personal achievement tracker. Record & celebrate life's victories. Design win cards to reflect your growth journey. Let the colorful array of triumphs inspire and motivate you for more wins.

  • Tibio is a mobile app that brings a safe and convenient way to track your moods and understand the sources of stress and anxiety in your life. With Tibio, you can easily monitor your emotional well-being and take steps to improve it.

  • Simple, minimalist habit tracking. Improve your life with new, impactful habits. Create weekly recurring habit schedules. Make your habits stick with progress visualizations for week, month, year, and all-time. Zero-complexity habit tracking.

  • Lokum is an easy-to-use, smart diary application with a modern interface. With this application, you can easily write diaries, track your diaries by date and remember your memories.

  • Correl helps you keeps track of how you feel every day is typically an eye-opening experience. Additionally you can see your goal completion percentage for each day and keep your streaks going.

  • Introducing Aura, an easy to use mood tracking app that takes your daily life's mood into account. It allows you to understand yourself better and helps you maintain an even mood throughout the day. The app has various features such as statistics, graphs etc.

  • Miary is a beautiful diary app. We use diary every day to record our daily life journey, once in a lifetime moments, memories, major milestones, it has to be subtle, delightful, and gorgeous. Miary makes diary writing an effortless and enjoyable experience.

  • JungGPT: Your AI companion for emotional insights! Utilizing psychology & philosophy, it reflects your emotions, initiates discussions & presents thought-provoking queries.

  • Simple, effective mental health management from Flow helps you track moods, note your worries, appreciate your wins and rest. Nothing more, nothing less.

  • Moodistory is a low-effort mood tracker & habit tracker with a unique and beautiful design that highly respects your privacy. Create journal entries in less than 5 seconds, without writing a single word. Use the integrated mood calendar (or year in pixels view) to easily find mood patterns. Become aware of your mood highs and lows and analyze the cause of mood swings. Discover triggers for a positive mood and establish awareness about your mental health now!

  • Work remotly is hard. Engage with your team and track your mood everyday. Visualize the mood of your team and work closer... How are you feeling?

  • 😊 Moodline is a completely new way to track your mood. 1️⃣ Track your mood with just one tap without distractions. 📅 Compare your mood this month to previous to learn more about yourself. 📔 Keep a simple journal to reflect on your thoughts.

  • The Habster app helps you form new good habits, and replace bad habits with positive ones. Habit formation is the process by which behaviors become automatic. Habster app provides a "habit loop" to produce habits. The cue or trigger ("Mantras") The routine ("Habit Wheel") The reward ("Wisdom of the Day").

  • Henry helps you build good habits for lifetime.‍ Read a book, do yoga, stop smoking, go for a run or do more in your daily routine and transform your life productively. 👉Personalized habit creation 👉Personalized mood tracking 👉Daily motivation and guidance

  • ✅ Categorise your entries ✅ Syncs across all your devices ✅ Set daily reminders ✅ Protect using Biometric Auth

  • It’s a struggle to know what really makes you happy. Our primitive brains are fundamentally ill-equipped to accurately predict or remember emotions. Changes provides evidence-based insights into what it is that really makes you happy.

  • Hi everyone, Megan Coyle and I created a simple tool to manage stress, and provide valuable information to researchers. It works by texting (520) 376-2020 with how you’re feeling that day. You’ll get a response of how many others are feeling the same, and a dashboard to track your mood.

  • A daily mood tracker app that helps record the quality of your life. Easily track your mood on a daily basis and generate weekly, monthly, and yearly GitHub-like graphs and stats to gain insight into your emotional well-being. Share your graphs with friends, family, or the world.

  • Feelly is your best friend to capture and track your feelings. You can get the BIG picture of how your overall mood is and what places make you happy or sad. The insights help you be aware of your own feelings which improve your mental health.