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The best alternatives to SVG Waves are Get waves, Haikei, and blobs. If these 3 options don't work for you, we've listed over 20 alternatives below.
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Best alternatives to SVG Waves
  • Generate SVG waves for your next design.

  • A web-based design tool to generate unique SVG design assets for websites, social media, blog posts, pitch decks, and more! Choose a visual from our growing list of generators, customize, randomize, and export ...

  • Features: - Set Solid color - Set Gradient colors - Set a pattern background - Custom image clipping - Save and manage blobs locally - Sharable URL - Dark mode - Works offline and PWA support - Faster initial l...

  • Create unique graphics for social media posts, landing pages and branding in a few clicks. Then export them as images, or even code (SVG & CSS).

  • Svg Wave is a fast, customizable gradient svg wave generator for UI/Website Designs. It offers minimal GUI toolbar to customize layers, colors, crests and heights of the wave to suit your designs. Also, the des...

  • An SVG blob/shape generator that gives you extra controls. Design interesting organic-looking shapes in a few clicks and export them as SVG to use in your designs.

  • fffuel is a collection of SVG generators and color tools to help make your designs more 🎉 fun, 🎨 colorful, 🍐 organic and 🪄 magical.

  • Couverture is an easing curve editor that supercharges your animations in apps, mockups and websites. Easing or timing curves are made to specify the rate of change in an animation over time. The app lets you e...

  • Introducing Blobs! A pack of 100+ hand-designed vector blobs to make your design projects pop. 100% vector, 100% blobs. Free or pay what you want.

  • SVG Splash is a beautifully simple SVG painting application for coloring SVGs. No account required. Key features: Beautiful, simple interface, fill and/or stroke color modes, advanced color selector, one click ...

  • Generate wavy dividers for your next project with ease! Copy HTML/CSS and you are good to go! 🔥

  • The perfect way to use Gapplin is as a live-previewer for SVG images while editing them in your text editor. You can also process multiple SVG files using AppleScript or bundled Automator actions.

  • Design cool svg spinners and other looped svg animations

  • Snoweb SVG is a database of SVGs optimized and animated built in HTML and CSS. Themes, variant manager with glassmorphism and possible integration with Django and Wagtail.

  • An easy to use online interactive SVG animation software, create interactive infographics, svg animations, interactive presentations online without any coding skills.

  • SVGcode is a Progressive Web App that lets you convert raster images like JPG, PNG, GIF, WebP, AVIF, etc. to vector graphics in SVG format.

  • Create captivating wave patterns effortlessly with Waves Generator. Enhance your designs with customizable parameters and valuable design tips. Unleash your creativity today!

  • Convert your PNG/JPEG or WEBP image to BIMI-friendly logo (SVG Tiny Portable/Secure (SVG P/S) format) BIMI allows to display that logo in user mailbox next to the message in supporting email clients (Gmail and ...

  • Front-End & designers: Export a perfect sine wave as SVG for icons, web design, or design work 🎨 Made with Svelte ❤️ Source code repo & Figma design file below!

  • A simple tool to make neon-like SVG shapes.