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The best alternatives to Survol are Piar.io, Mugshot Bot, and Peekalink. If these 3 options don't work for you, we've listed over 10 alternatives below.
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Best alternatives to Survol
  • Optimize link preview for any social networks and messengers. Use A/B tests and a get full statistic report. ⠀ Upload your image → Enter a title and description → Get a new link with a beautiful preview → Receive insights about who are clicking and when

  • Mugshot Bot automates link preview images for your entire blog or website. • Automate every page on your site with one line of HTML • Host your images on Mugshot Bot's CDN • Create unlimited images with the free plan

  • Links are the glue of the internet, yet by themselves they're just a string of undecipherable characters. With Peekalink, turn them into rich content your users will be delighted to share and engage in.

  • ShareKit brings back the ability to edit link previews on Facebook - simply upload your image and enter a title and description, and ShareKit will generate a new link that can then be posted to Facebook with a beautiful preview 👌

  • SocialPort helps you to edit link preview for Facebook and Twitter without coding. It’s an URL shortener for social marketing.

  • Tunnel is the fastest way to bring your web app online, whether it's for your product manager to review or for a friend to check out. Get a preview URL with one terminal command and collaborate with cursors, comments, video chat, and VSCode Live Share.

  • Peeklink is a free tool for creating custom link previews (those "cards" that links expand into on social media) for any site. Customize the preview with your own text, an image, or a highlighted screenshot. Perfect for reaction posts, or content creators who want fine-tuned control over how their work appears.

  • 👀 Link previews like in 💬 Telegram/Whatsapp/Notion, but as 🖼 images for use in any 📝 note taking tool ⟶ Ideal when you take plain text notes but want to remember videos, movies, games, websites more visually

  • Our tool will make sure your title and description fit perfectly in desktop and mobile view. Just enter your Meta title and description, add the URL of your website at https://www.justrank.my/serp-snippet-preview/ You get an instant Google SERP Preview.