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The best alternatives to Sunset Health are Burnout Index by Yerbo, iMedFlow, and Ivy. If these 3 options don't work for you, we've listed a few more alternatives below.
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Best alternatives to Sunset Health
  • Burnout Index is the first science-backed Burnout Risk test designed for tech workers. We want to help you get a free and insightful way to protect your mental health at work.

  • Inpatient medication tracking, protocol adherence tool, and internal operational system for small and medium-sized clinics and hospitals. An all-in-one place dashboard for hospital staff to track the whole process of inpatient treatment.

  • Ivy is a place where authenticity matters most. With Ivy, you can share a real and authentic version of yourself with your friends by publicly sharing your daily intentions.

  • Say NO to BURNOUT! 🏄‍♂️ "From Exhausted Founder to Successful Entrepreneur" is a compilation of the best tactics, hacks, and insights from prosperous entrepreneurs and executives on how to avoid burnout.

  • Create interactive augmented reality experiences with or without code, then share what you build with the world.

  • Meru Health is an online clinic for the modern age, relieving mental health issues and burnout.

  • Helm gets new people up to speed without lifting a finger. Doing the work to automate the onboarding process by introducing new people to teammates/leaders, guiding them through checklists, and helping anyone answer FAQs and find expertise.

  • Best10 is the most supportive nutrition and fitness app in the world. Receive unlimited access to your own registered dietician and certified fitness coach every day. Your team will design a nutrition and training plan just for you, based off of your goals.

  • Display interactive VR applications and 360° immersive media