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The best alternatives to Streethacker are Chefs Feed, Aplace, and Gimme Food. If these 3 options don't work for you, we've listed a few more alternatives below.
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Best alternatives to Streethacker
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  • Dining recommendations from the country's best chefs

  • Whether you travel, have a special occasion or just want a great meal, Aplace is a trustworthy source of recommendations, from street food to fine dining. We collect them from top local chefs only and it’s full...

  • Hey Makers.... working late today? Or just too hungry to think? Can’t decide what to eat and you just don't give a...? We'll place a €17 (or $20 😃) takeout order and have it delivered to you! Gimme Food delive...

  • The​ AI app that helps you discover the yummiest dishes

  • Instagram for foodies

  • The Best Food on The Menu

  • Foodi is a social food review app to help you find the food you love, built by foodies for foodies. Discover and share photos and reviews of great food. Inspire and be inspired.

  • Can't decide what to have for dinner? Store your favorite meals in the app and let it decide for you! You can store meals and ingredients and add these meals to your planner. You can share this with friends and...