The best alternatives to StepZen GraphQL Studio are Hasura, CloudGraph, and GraphQL Inspector. If these 3 options don't work for you, we've listed a few more alternatives below.
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Best alternatives to StepZen GraphQL Studio
  • Hasura helps developers and organisations build and ship modern applications & APIs faster by making data instantly accessible over a realtime GraphQL & REST APIs.

  • CloudGraph is a free and open-source GraphQL-powered search engine for your AWS infrastructure. CloudGraph makes it easy for cloud engineers to write GraphQL queries in order to solve security, compliance, governance, asset inventory, and cost problems.

  • Tooling for GraphQL. Schema validation and detection of changes. Schema change notifications on Slack, Discord and via Webhook. Validate operations and fragments, find similar types and get schema coverage.

  • Payment.Ninja is the cheapest online payment solution ever. Accept Visa and MasterCard for just 0.99%+19p and save money!

  • DroidGraph is a GraphQL client app which lets you query any GraphQL API. ✨ Support for query variables. ✨ Save your queries, typing them can be hard. ✨ Dark mode by default, we care for your eyes ✨ Load saved queries along with variables.