The best alternatives to Stay The Fuck Inside - A Drinking Game are Blur, Purity Drinking Game, and BoozyQuiz. If these 3 options don't work for you, we've listed over 10 alternatives below.
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Best alternatives to Stay The Fuck Inside - A Drinking Game
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  • The app introduces a new type of drinking game. It's really simple. Write in the names of the players, choose the pack you want to play and start the fun! The game has over 1500+ different questions and challen...

  • The Purity Test 🔥 Grab a 🍺, it's time to play "Never Have I Ever" with AI. A drop by the Gen Z Mafia (

  • A free drinking game for 3 or more players that combines Never Have I Ever, Truth or Drink, Most Likely To, Would You Rather and Trivia to get the whole squad smashed! Have your next #boozysesh on

  • FIRST & LAST is the drinking game for competitive people! Listen closely and act fast as you compete to complete the challenges before your friends.

  • An online drinking board game created out of the COVID-19 pandemic that allows players to have fun with friends using any video conferencing platform. We've started creating themed boards, and a board customize...

  • YoiLog allows you to record and visualize your drinking. When you drink alcohol, scan the barcode on the package. Then drinking alcohol appears as a 3D object. Also, YoiLog works with Apple Health.

  • Fast game with friends (also doubles as a drinking game)

  • Hunt, battle and capture the loathsome Coronavirus in augmented reality. An AR geolocation game modified for stay at home orders, players must defeat the Coronanvirus using tools like soap and social distancing...

  • Meet Pongmates. A brand new classic Ping Pong game with a unique gameplay. Play together with the opponent on one screen. 3 unique characters: Nimbler, Keeper, and Winger. Choose your favourite character and ch...

  • Players prompt each other with a word to draw. They pass on the drawing to the next player to guess, and the game goes on. In this chain of drawing and guessing, see how much gets lost in translation!

  • SEND IT is the app that lets you tell your friends when and where you’re having a drink. There’s nothing worse than missing a night out or being in the same place as a mate and not knowing. Thanks to SEND IT th...

  • weCall is not just another video call platform; it's a tool for strengthening friendships. With its innovative green screen effect, you and your friends can share backgrounds and create unforgettable memories t...

  • Plastic table cover for drinking games

  • App to instantly make drinking game playlists

  • A game of drinking & socialising.

  • The Presidential debate drinking game