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The best alternatives to Splitsub are Jam!, Keyring, and Keyring - Safely share subscriptions. If these 3 options don't work for you, we've listed a few more alternatives below.
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Best alternatives to Splitsub
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  • Stop texting your friends for logins. Get access to services your friends pay for, instantly and securely. Jam is a social password manager. It helps users find ways to save money, split costs, and stay secure.

  • Keyring lets you invite household members to bundle and split one media subscription bill, share access (without sharing the password), and create custom media subscription bundle that you won't want to cancel....

  • No passwords revealed. Be sure that your login doesn't spread, and create a custom bundle between a group. Keyring, we're leaning in: "... consumer-friendly ways to push back at the edges of password-sharing.” ...

  • Prevent subscription abuse and account sharing with the highest accuracy and lowest effort while keeping customer satisfaction high.

  • PodStand is a way to share your podcast subscriptions. You can add the feeds you listen to (or save time and export them from your app of choice), create a profile page, and show them to the world. You can also...

  • OneChannel is the first Automated Subscription Sharing App available for smartphones and (soon!) web browsers & AndroidTV! Currently, we offer shared access to group subscription plans on Netflix, Hulu, HBO Max...

  • TabTab is the first app that makes it extremely easy to split the cost of subscriptions and other recurring payments like rent and utilities with friends.