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The best alternatives to Soor are CYANITE, Upbeat, and Wave Radio. If these 3 options don't work for you, we've listed a few more alternatives below.
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Best alternatives to Soor
The smarter, simpler dashboard software

  • CYANITE visualizes emotions in music. ▶︎ Want to see what your music feels like? ▶︎ Can’t decide which song fits perfectly for your video? ▶︎ Don’t know where to find the most powerful part of a song? Try out f...

  • Fans rate songs and get new recommendations every day from "fans like you." Music played through Spotify's API. Share songs directly with friends/followers and learn what they rate that song. Artists get effect...

  • Wave Radio is a community for music lovers to share new & discover new music together. You earn points for every song you share, based on how new & popular it is.

  • DiscoverWeekly.dev shares each Wednesday the new music playlists made by the developers. Contributions are submitted through pull requests. Code and content are open source.

  • Album Daily is committed to helping you stay out of a music rut. Through our email newsletters, we recommend albums to make sure you are never bored listening to all the music world has to offer.

  • Cruuunchify is a streaming analysis and music discovery tool for Spotify users built on Spotify's web API. Discover how you listen to music, explore your favourite artistes and check out your streaming analysis...

  • Stööki is a London based multi disciplinary art collective, they create jewellery, music and live events with three key elements of ‘Sound, Vision and Play’. Browse and shop from their latest collection, Terrai...

  • Chill Music Club is the chillest place on the interwebs to discover new music (without using algorithms)  💿☀️🌴🍹 New & overlooked chill music. Perfect to play while you work. OR for those moments you jus...

  • For only $3 per month we will send you a text every week with the latest music!