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The best alternatives to Snowflakes Hash are Genies, mai Social Avatars, and Loom.ai. If these 3 options don't work for you, we've listed a few more alternatives below.
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Best alternatives to Snowflakes Hash
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  • Genies is an app that creates personalizable look-alike and expressive emojis that react to relevant daily happenings in real-time - ranging from breaking news (politics, sports, pop culture) to cultural holida...

  • Mai is your personal avatar’s social network, where you can fully express yourself with an avatar that is more personal than emoji & more alive than bitmoji. Fully customize your avatar’s voice, style & movemen...

  • Bringing Virtual Communications to Life

  • 60+ Adorable dog, cat and random animal avatars for your designs. Available for sketch, figma and PNGs.

  • Gravity is Gravatar for Ethereum. To create your Gravatar, you can go to gravatar.cool. It's pretty easy, you just enter your name and upload an image to be your gravatar, you sign the transaction with MetaMask...

  • Write something and an Avatar will be automatically generated by the algorithm. The total limit of Avatars is the same as Earth population, 7 billions, so there is only 1 Avatar for every human. Claim your pref...