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The best alternatives to SnackNation are Taali, NatureBox, and UrthBox. If these 3 options don't work for you, we've listed a few more alternatives below.
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Best alternatives to SnackNation
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  • Taali is made from popped Water Lily seeds. We carefully slow roast the popped seeds to perfection, giving them a naturally crunchy texture. We promise, our products are made of Non GMO, whole and natural ingre...

  • Multi-channel brand for healthy and delicious snacks

  • Healthy foods, beverages, snacks, and more delivered monthly

  • The Elite donuts are low sugar, protein packed, gluten free, keto friendly donuts. Perfect for those who love the taste of cake but hate the extra mile in the gym.

  • Brightbites is an e-commerce store that lets you choose from a variety of all natural snacks that you can bundle into a personalised snack box and have that delivered to you on a subscription basis.

  • Delicious, nutritious snacks, delivered to your door.

  • Snack Plan is a way for you to track the snacks you’re planning to eat when you visit a theme park. The app lets you create your favorite snacks and parks. You'll then be able to track which snacks you need to ...

  • A new all-natural meal for busy people. Just open & eat.