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The best alternatives to SendView are Intutel, ilo, and Fabric Kits. If these 3 options don't work for you, we've listed a few more alternatives below.
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Best alternatives to SendView
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  • Intutel is a market intelligence cloud — a suite of monitoring & analytics tools to help brands, marketers and market research companies to analyze a brand's overall online presence or to assess an industry.

  • ilo gives you best-in-class analytics about your Twitter engagement and followers. With detailed charts, custom metrics and an easy-to-glance tweet table, ilo surfaces the important stats and data about your tw...

  • Install and use partner SDKs directly from Fabric

  • CreatorScout is a platform to find Twitter users who share your interests. Discover underrated content creators, match 1:1 to make new friends, grow your audience, and much more.

  • With accountanalysis you can evaluate Twitter accounts faster. Reasearchers and journalists use it determine how automated and fitting an accounts behaviour is, when it's active, which apps it uses and what URL...

  • Adds metrics to profiles to give you more info on activity, engagement, quality & whether the account using bots & automation. - Tweets/retweets/replies per day - Retweets/favourites per tweet - Engagement twee...

  • Harness The Power Of Big Data And Machine Learning To Monitor And Analyze Billions Of Social & Non-Social Online Content

  • myDATA³ is designed for marketers & founders who want accurate insights on how well their web, email, social and customer strategies are performing against competitors in order to get an edge over them.

  • We all know that email is broken. You share your email address, and before you know it, your inbox is overflowing with hundreds of messages every day. We're working on resolving a lot of the email productivity ...