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The best alternatives to SelfMonk are Do Meditate, Zen Lounge, and Mediana.
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Best alternatives to SelfMonk
  • Do Meditate is designed for simplicity and speed. The app is 100% free and it doesn’t need a paid subscription. It has a beautiful and minimalist design. It works without an active internet connection. The app development will be community driven.

  • Zen Lounge - The Best Free Meditation App Designed by Zen Masters you can immerse yourself in best meditative sounds as also create your own personal soundscape. Simple and Easy to use yet the most effective meditation app for Stress Relief.

  • So many meditation apps fight for your attention. Why pick Mediana? Mediana gives you more than just ordinary meditations. It’s an easy way to immerse yourself into relaxation by watching magnetic videos, enjoying meditations, and beautiful sleep stories.