The best alternatives to Roam are Detour, Walk, and Kolu. If these 3 options don't work for you, we've listed a few more alternatives below.
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Best alternatives to Roam
  • Story-based walking tours. New from Andrew Mason, pre-launch
  • Walk allows you to enter your free time and generate a walk. You can also search for a precise monument in the surrounding area and make your own selection. We decided to make a public beta so that you can share your thoughts too!
  • Kolu is a mobile app that matches travelers with their own local tour guide based on shared interests. When traveling to a new city, users can view profiles of local guides in that area who not only share their interests, but who are also close in age, speak the same language, and more. Kolu tours are always custom to the traveler's interests.
  • A nicer way to explore New-York
  • YourTour enables anyone to create hyperlocal GPS-guided audiovisual tours via their phone in a matter of hours. Sync via Bluetooth for social exploring. So Tour Creators enjoy no technological barriers and no geographic boundaries to tell the story theyโ€™ve always wanted, while Explorers enjoy the immersive experience of exploring with a local.
  • Find great tours and things to do hosted by locals