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The best alternatives to Resolutions are Unipack Notion Templates, Resolly, and Rithm. If these 3 options don't work for you, we've listed a few more alternatives below.
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Best alternatives to Resolutions
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  • Unipack will turn Notion into a life productivity system: 🎯 Create tasks to always meet your goals 🧘 Find time for yourself 🧠 Get time & headspace back Today, get a 15% discount with this promocode: producth...

  • We know how difficult it is to complete birthday resolutions. Resolutions are very powerful in changing habits in your life, but they are difficult to follow. With Resolly, we will send you a monthly email remi...

  • Messaging app for sharing music

  • FOCUS ON WHAT MATTERS 🎯 The Ninja coach guides you to your really important goals in your life. GOAL TRACKING 📈 Our tool provides focus and clarity to track and achieve your goals. Sign up now for a free coac...

  • AimHighFive (AimHigh5️⃣ or Aim🖐) is a small social platform where people can share and explore resolutions for the upcoming year. It is easy to find inspiration for particular areas as you can browse through r...