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The best alternatives to Researchers.io are User Interviews, Sourceful, and UX and Research Kit for Figma. If these 3 options don't work for you, we've listed a few more alternatives below.
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Best alternatives to Researchers.io
The smarter, simpler way to analyze your data

  • Recruit users from our audience of over 200,000 vetted consumers and professionals, or bring your own audience and build a participant database for any type of UX research.

  • Sourceful is a search engine for public Google Docs and Sheets. You can find documents about art, work, parenting and many other topics. Search by keyword or tag, rate, add a new documents. Be sure to sign up f...

  • A UXRKit (UX and Research templates) that enables you to add great-looking research methods next to your designs. With auto-layout and variants, everything looks great regardless of the amount of content!

  • Focus streamlines your workflow with in context annotations and discussions directly within Adobe XD. See everything at a glance, make decisions, add handoff documentation and iterate faster with relevant feedb...

  • moyo is an easy to use and affordable UX Research app. You can create projects; design testing scripts; schedule testing sessions; gather and collate participant feedback and create a report of your findings - ...

  • An all-in-one UX resource center for all UX designers/researchers from all experience level to discover the new trends, learning courses, resumes/ portfolio samples categorized by junior/senior level, job board...

  • No matter what you're researching, the hard part isn’t finding information—it’s putting it all together. That’s why we built Fuse: a sidebar that lives with you wherever you are on the web and helps you collect...

  • Great user experiences come from great user research. Test, benchmark and make evidence-based design decisions, with Optimal Workshop’s user research platform.