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The best alternatives to Ready, Set, Draw! are paint.wtf, No Paint (nopaint.art), and Lumo. If these 3 options don't work for you, we've listed over 10 alternatives below.
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Best alternatives to Ready, Set, Draw!
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  • Think “Cards Against Humanity” meets Microsoft Paint. Now add an AI as the judge. Paint.wtf challenges you to draw your best on zany prompts and then be scored by an AI. See if you can rank atop the global lead...

  • A free game where you can make a painting by saying No or Paint. You can also enter commands and run macros called Playlists, load other people's paintings by the code in the corner, and use your device's camer...

  • With Lumo, you create REAL drawings with your iPad! ✏️✍️📈 Simply attach paper to your iPad, trace the glowing line, and bring a beautiful audio story to life!

  • Players draw secret prompts to draw which are fed into the AI. They take turns guessing what each other was assigned and trying to trick each other to earn points. Sometimes the AI nails it but often it takes i...

  • A fun way to connect with family and friends. Free to try, no signup or download. Just share a link! Play as a group in real time and win points by drawing and guessing. Send your friends a drawing to see if th...

  • Get ready to unleash your inner artist with the ultimate drawing game for all ages. We bring to you, Doodle Me, a social drawing & guessing game. Join a community of doodle enthusiasts, budding drawers, artists...

  • Drawling is the next generation's beautifully and simply designed multiplayer android app where you draw and your friends guess what you drew.

  • WikiWhat is a simple fun game where you have to guess censored random Wikipedia articles by the first paragraph. 🏁 10 rounds ⏰ 10 seconds each 🔥 Answer fast & earn points

  • The idea is simple. Take a piece of paper and divide into three parts. Player 1 draws the head, player 2 the body, and player 3 the feet. In the end, a funny creature reveals itself. Now imagine this, just on y...

  • Draw some cool sh*t, laugh while guessing, and make them NFTs!

  • Use your iPad camera to teach kids how to draw

  • Let your friends guess what you have drawn in iMessage

  • laserDRAW turns your phone into a laser! Draw in mid-air against the clock using augmented reality while your friends guess the picture, or use practice mode to create 3D masterpieces solo.

  • like "Telephone Game" 1️ A player draws a phrase (e.g., Cow jumping over the moon) 2️ Their drawing is captioned by a player 3️ That caption is passed to another player to draw 4️ once everyone is done you can ...

  • Draw your car, then drive it

  • A creative drawing game of horrific hilarity