The best alternatives to Reading Time are Fready, Sprintz, and Email reading time for Gmail. If these 3 options don't work for you, we've listed a few more alternatives below.
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Best alternatives to Reading Time
  • Increase your reading speed without sacrificing comprehension. A science-backed word pacer that moves like a finger on a book. No BS.
  • Reading reimagined. Technology for faster communication.
  • It estimates how long an email will take to read. Calculation is based on the average adult reading speed that around 200 words per minute. Features + Add estimation at the end of your email subject, before emailing + Get estimation before reading an email
  • Wordpress Read Time is a free Chrome Extension which tells you how long does it take to read your blog posts. Use this to make sure you don't write content which is too lengthy or too short. To use it, simply install the extension and start writing or editing your Wordpress blog posts!
  • Script 2 Time is calculator that estimates the duration of a script in time, making it easier for voice over artist, copywriters and video creators to calculate and invoice their projects.
  • Minimal Reading Mode is a super lightweight extension that optimizes any website for reading: font optimization, clear contrast, zen focus, auto dark mode, image and media minification, automatic scroll to content, remove scripts/styles to save CPU
  • ReadMo generates a simplified and distraction-free version of any article or blog post and it can read it aloud to you thanks to its minimalistic audio player.
  • The Website Read Progress extension measures the content length and considers various elements of a web article, online novel, manga, web toon etc, including comments, related content, and more to give a correct estimation of the position of your overall reading progress and remaining content.