PupPod Rocker

PupPod Rocker

Gaming, Training, and Enrichment System for Dogs - Positive Reinforcement Puzzle Toy, Video Feeder, and Mobile App
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What is PupPod Rocker?
Dogs touch the Rocker toy to earn rewards from the feeder. The game gets harder as your dog gets smarter. Control the game from your smartphone. Play from anywhere. Turn mealtime into a FUN activity. Give working breeds and high energy dogs a way to burn off energy and relax. Dogs can work for up to an hour to earn a normal meal. More exercise for the same calories can help dogs stay fit through fun enrichment.uring game sessions. Piece of mind. Check-in on your dog when away from home for piece of mind. Use the "Watch and Treat" feature to stream HD video from the feeder to your smartphone and give 'em a treat from anywhere. Learning through positive reinforcement. The PupPod game is based on operant conditioning, which is the foundation of clicker training, so the user experience is intuitive for dogs and the marker sounds reinforce clicker training. Reduce separation anxiety and barking. The mental stimulation required to earn food rewards tires dogs out and a tired dog is more relaxed. Earning rewards with the doorbell sound can reduce doorbell barking, because over time, dogs associate the doorbell with rewards. Enrichment meets technology. Download product updates to get new features. The updates we've already shipped have been heavily influenced by customer feedback, so let us know what you'd like to see added. PupPod is a community, not just a product.

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PupPod Rocker
Your dog is smart, but their toys are not. The PupPod Rocker gives your dogs the mental stimulation they crave and the game gets harder as your dog gets smarter. Touch the Rocker at the right time and earn rewards. It’s like automated clicker training.
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