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The best alternatives to Productivity Pet are Inbox Creature, Tabagotchi, and Minymon. If these 3 options don't work for you, we've listed a few more alternatives below.
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Best alternatives to Productivity Pet
  • Inbox Creature is a virtual pet for email, made using click automations at AWeber. Sign up and you'll get the little blob delivered to your inbox with a choice to feed it one of two things. Based on that choice, your creature will change and grow. There are currently 3 days worth of choices, but I'll be adding more if people like it!

  • Get rid of distraction and increase your productivity with Tabagotchi. The more tabs you have open, the angrier and sicker your Tabagotchi gets! The fewer tabs you have open, the happier and healthier it becomes.

  • Minymons are pets that live on your website and can 💬 answer common questions, 👋 interact with your website visitors, and ✨ build your brand.

  • Hatch is a new game for iOS to help users stay focused and use their phone less. Use it to study, work, or just to take a break from all the noise. The more you focus, the more rare creatures you'll discover.