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The best alternatives to PressPad Apps are Flash, Vital News, and News Line. If these 3 options don't work for you, we've listed a few more alternatives below.
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Best alternatives to PressPad Apps
Dora AI (Alpha)
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  • Every day the most important news hand picked and delivered in a short story format. Fast, bold, easy-to use: Flash is the new way to stay update on the go.

  • Mindless scrolling decreases the quality of life and leads to time waisting and FOMO. Vital offers a personalized news feed through AI. It finds the most relevant articles and news while filtering the noise and...

  • News Line is revolutionising the way news is consumed in India. It is India's first short-video journalism platform. Its key features are ads-free flashcards (news in 60 words) and short video bites (news in 30...

  • Mogul News publishes handpicked stories from the world's leading publishers including The Economist, Financial Times, The Times, Bloomberg and more! We're on a mission to make journalism more accessible, and we...

  • KwikNews is a news app that summarizes news in a short format. Simple and easy to use, just swipe up and read the news. KwikNews covers news from various categories.