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The best alternatives to Playlista are 22tracks 2.0, Playlist Machinery, and Jinx. If these 3 options don't work for you, we've listed a few more alternatives below.
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Best alternatives to Playlista
  • DJ curated Spotify playlists on iOS

  • Tools that help you create & organize your Spotify playlists

  • Find discovering new music hard? Jinx makes it easy It suggests songs based on what you are currently listening to, as well as your existing playlists in Apple Music. It also suggests daily curated playlists an...

  • BeatMix enables you to shuffle or play the radio of multiple Spotify artists. Select your favorite artists on the website and BeatMix goes ahead and collects all the tracks from all your selected artists and pu...

  • Quickmix analyzes your favorite tracks on Spotify and creates a playlist with your tastes in mind. It uses data collected from over 3 million playlists to determine which tracks fit each mood, activity, and you...

  • Playlistify is a simple web app that allows you to quickly create Spotify playlists from concerts, DJ sets, radio shows, and other mixes available on setlist.fm and 1001tracklists.com.

  • Find the common songs you have with your group of friends by connecting your music accounts (Spotify and Apple Music supported). The app generates themed playlists you can then add to you library and listen wit...

  • Easy Spotify playlist sharing and collaboration