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The best alternatives to Picolo drinking game are Blur, Purity Drinking Game, and Veck. If these 3 options don't work for you, we've listed a few more alternatives below.
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Best alternatives to Picolo drinking game
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  • The app introduces a new type of drinking game. It's really simple. Write in the names of the players, choose the pack you want to play and start the fun! The game has over 1500+ different questions and challen...

  • The Purity Test 🔥 Grab a 🍺, it's time to play "Never Have I Ever" with AI. A drop by the Gen Z Mafia (http://genzmafia.com/

  • Veck is a simple ridiculous cards game to play with friends or family. It includes 2 extra bundles: drinks & hot. The game is a combination of several other games, it includes cards as Charades, never have I ev...

  • A free drinking game for 3 or more players that combines Never Have I Ever, Truth or Drink, Most Likely To, Would You Rather and Trivia to get the whole squad smashed! Have your next #boozysesh on boozyquiz.com

  • Looking for an unforgettable night with friends? Discover Drunkdeck, your new favourite online drinking party game! Challenge your friends with hundreds of dares and questions ranging from easy to the most extr...

  • FIRST & LAST is the drinking game for competitive people! Listen closely and act fast as you compete to complete the challenges before your friends.

  • An online drinking board game created out of the COVID-19 pandemic that allows players to have fun with friends using any video conferencing platform. We've started creating themed boards, and a board customize...

  • Party Games app contain the popular party games / group games 20 Questions (21 Questions) Never Have I Ever, Most likely to, This or that (Would you rather) & icebreaker questions.

  • The Presidential debate drinking game