The best alternatives to PhotoFinder are Lucidscale, marker.js, and Aquarium. If these 3 options don't work for you, we've listed a few more alternatives below.
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AssemblyAI β€” Multilingual Speech-to-Text API with superhuman accuracy
Best alternatives to PhotoFinder
  • From the makers of Lucidchart and Lucidspark, Lucidscale is the cloud visualization solution that helps organizations see, understand and optimize cloud environments, enabling technical and non-technical users to achieve better understanding and alignment.
  • Let users of your web apps annotate, mark and highlight images easily. Then save or share β€” you decide. Add rectangles, lines, arrows, text and more. Highlight areas with marker-like tool. Save or share the result. Include with a script tag or import module and use with your framework of choice: React, Vue, Angular, you name it.
  • Machine learning models are only as good as the datasets they’re trained on, yet it’s extremely difficult to improve dataset quality. Aquarium uses deep learning to find problems in your model performance and edit your dataset to fix these problems.
  • Image recognition API
  • Tool for photo marking and annotating images.
  • An exclusive opportunity for data scientists to improve their propensity models with ML-ready network-powered Signals. These Signals provide cross-industry insights and are easily appended to your datasets to create more powerful models, quicker.
  • Since the dawn of the digital age, we've been in search of a service to help us clean and organize our photo collections. Without the possibility to quickly find the photos we're looking for, we rarely enjoy our evergrowing pile of memories.
  • Curate your training data using a simple visual interface. Don't waste your time in labeling images which don't add value to training your model. Use the software to find the most relevant samples to label.