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The best alternatives to PhishDeck are Riot, + Link, and Phishero. If these 3 options don't work for you, we've listed a few more alternatives below.
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Best alternatives to PhishDeck
Automated security compliance for your business in weeks

  • Get your team ready for phishing attacks by running phishing drills on them!

  • + Link is a free URL shortening service that offers visibility over the destination page. Instead of blindly redirecting, it analyzes the URL and gives you the possibility to review the results before moving on...

  • Phishero is a simple and low-barrier-to-entry phishing simulator. Designed for organizations of all sizes, Phishero gives you the tools to quickly deploy a phishing simulation to test your organization's resili...

  • Phish.AI Is The Next-Generation Anti-Phishing Platform Powered by AI & Computer Vision

  • A Slack bot that monitors and automatically removes messages that match a set of given regex patterns (Ethereum addresses and Etherscan.io links by default, but you can extend this easily yourself). Set this up...

  • Blend social engineering with real-world phishing simulations to train your users how to detect the most advanced threats. All in a completely self-service, fast, free and modern SaaS platform.

  • isitphish is a real-time phishing detection API, designed with makers and developers in mind. If you're building a platform or app and want to keep your users secure from the outset, isitphish is for you!

  • I've had two family members scammed through phishing. Yet most sims are designed for business. As scams get more sophisticated, senior citizens are at great risk. Phish Fit sends dummy emails to friends + famil...

  • Phishing simulator for security awareness