The best alternatives to Pegboard are Blocs Wave , AudioKit Pro, and Holon. If these 3 options don't work for you, we've listed a few more alternatives below.
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Best alternatives to Pegboard
  • Blocs Wave will have you making music in minutes. Slice and chop up exclusive Ampify sounds or easily import your own. Discover and combine sounds across genres, tweak them using beautiful, touchable waveforms, and record sounds to take ideas further.
  • โ€œA big step forward for mobile musicโ€ - CDM (Create Digital Music) "Groundbreaking iOS synth app" - Cult of Mac "Must-download for every iPad owner" - MacBreak
  • Holon is an auditive mixed reality app that uses IoT data and biomusicological principles to let you create synth music with your physical activities. Supports Bose AR Beta! Apple Watch app, S3 or newer. Now with bonus pro feature: Ableton Link.
  • Note is a place to start ideas, experiment with sounds and find direction. As part of your regular music-making routine, it can help you hone the skill of starting or ease into a creative headspace at the start of a session.