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The best alternatives to Peek are What to Watch, Raterfox, and Popcorn. If these 3 options don't work for you, we've listed a few more alternatives below.
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Best alternatives to Peek
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  • What to Wat.ch is a movie recommendation engine, created to give you an up-to-date source of inspiration when you’re looking for something to watch. See what movies and series that are currently trending, in a ...

  • The social platform for movie hunters and binge-watchers. Get personal recommendations from your friends, check out the reviews of Netflix-series or post your thoughts about the latest blockbusters. Join the co...

  • Popcorn delivers movie and TV recommendations right to your inbox. These recommendations are curated based on your favorite genres and streaming platforms. Looking for more? Our premium plan offers more recomme...

  • Save content to you lists for later. Share with friends. Get new content just by clicking "watch/read/play/listen", no more wasting time on selecting a movie while your pizza getting cold.

  • Don't rely on reviews from strangers. Hollr is a browser extension that shows you your friends' favorite products... all with no extra clicks and no separate apps.

  • Flixomat is an online Netflix randomizer that picks a random movie or a TV show streaming in Netflix USA based on your filters. With Flixomat, you can find a satisfactory answer to the question: "What should I ...

  • With Streambud you can; - Keep track of what you've watched - Plan what you're gonna watch - Create public watchlists to help people who can not decide what to watch - Review TV shows and movies Get the Streamb...