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The best alternatives to Page Automator are Automator for Figma, Unsplash for Figma, and Airtable To Figma. If these 3 options don't work for you, we've listed over 10 alternatives below.
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Best alternatives to Page Automator
  • Automator is a plugin or Figma that lets you create custom drag and drop automations that do time-sensitive Figma tasks for you in one click. Choose from over 100 actions that expose the power of the Figma Plugin API at your fingertips.

  • Unsplash for Figma brings millions of beautiful free images right into Figma. Insert a random image or search for something specific without ever leaving your canvas. ↪ https://medium.com/unsplash/unsplash-figma-cf03195e9f9a

  • This plugin allows you to effortlessly pull text and images from an Airtable database and inject them straight into your Figma components. Build a single component, and map the Airtable data fields to the right layers and choose your layout. It's that easy!

  • Map Maker allows you to make a customized map blazing fast with no configuration! It's Easy to Use, and Fully Customizable!

  • Easily test your design in different viewports by saving your favorite frame sizes combinations. Use any combination for new frames or for duplicating your current selection. 1. Make your design 2. Add the needed constrains 3. Frametastic will do the rest

  • Want to try out this fancy new font in your Figma designs? Or lost control of your fonts? Font Replacer gives you an overview of the font families and styles that you used all in your designs. Simply pick the old font and replace it with the new font. Done.

  • More than 50 custom filters are available! The plugin allows you to edit the applied filters.

  • In the archaic world, scribes were professional copyists, handcrafting hundreds of copies of legal manuscripts. Scribe is a Figma plugin that helps you do just that in a modern way. At its heart, Scribe batch exports personalized frames with your data.

  • Helper with which it is even easier to arrange elements on the grid! Demonstration: https://twitter.com/AndreslavKozlov/status/1198003232137764864

  • "Super quick add new page and be more productive!" Quick New Page will help you to add new page in super quick way. It's shortcut–to add single page or multiple page, this plugin can help you with that. Let’s make your workflow faster and be more productive!

  • Text highlighter allows you to change the color of text pieces that match with the regular expression that you specify in the plugin.