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The best alternatives to Outrun are Art+Steps, Origins, and Fittr. If these 3 options don't work for you, we've listed over 10 alternatives below.
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Best alternatives to Outrun
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  • Art+Steps is a different kind of step counter app. Instead of displaying charts or graphs, it shows you a different artwork each day. The artwork is revealed in sync with your steps progress, and if you hit you...

  • Origins is a free fitness app for gamers. Earn rewards in dozens of the latest games on PC, Xbox, Playstation, and Nintendo for walking. Promo: Skip the waitlist

  • Reach your fitness goals with personally tailored workouts

  • Set fitness goal, wager $, boost motivation, achieve goal

  • Co-Step helps you to achieve your daily steps goal by recommending trending places nearby and displaying your progress throughout the day! Also, we send kind reminders to motivate you to move more.

  • For $20 a month, get exclusive access to the worlds largest network of certified personal trainers and custom curated content right at your fingertips!

  • Compete against a new opponent each day

  • Ascend is a visually dynamic way to track the stairs you climb each day. It integrates with Apple Health and uses stair climbing data from your iPhone or Apple Watch to create beautiful graphs.

  • Steps Counter - Pedometer App The conjunction with the pedometer on your smartphone, you can virtually explore World Heritage Sites on the map. World Heritage adventures can be set in cultural, natural, and com...

  • Frequent walking is one of the most crucial things for a healthy lifestyle. And the amount of steps you go per day is the best indicator for it. WristSteps lets you set a style, which suites your Watchface the ...

  • Gain muscle with Germany's top-rated lifting app: download Alpha Progression now!

  • Looking for a simple, yet a beautiful step counter? Try out Stepsome. I made Stepsome because I really just needed a new way to look at my step and walking data - the result was this awesome step counter, Aweso...

  • Step It Up motivates you to stay healthy by helping you track your daily steps, distance traveled, flights of stairs climbed, calories burned and making sure you hit your step goal each and every day. Step It U...

  • Record, review, and analyze your movements MyMoves - Tracker simple design, powerful potential, lots of features. This project is at the beginning of its development, in the future MyMoves - Tracker will have m...

  • lix, lixpen, 3d, 3dpen, the smallest

  • Whel is an app that helps you get back to activities you love doing 🧠 Programs written by expert physical therapists 💪 Daily sessions & tasks to do 📈 Make weekly progress towards your goal 🎯 Hit your target...

  • CliquePrize® understands how to grow Small Businesses. Obtaining repeat, loyal customers starts with a marketing list of email addresses and SMS text messaging contacts. This can all be possible with targeted m...