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The best alternatives to Oddysey are Once, MakeStories, and Firework Web Story Platform.
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Best alternatives to Oddysey
  • Our stories-on-the-web are designed for interactions (polls, open questions, sliders...) 🤝 🎨 Create in minutes 🌐 Share anywhere as a URL 📊 Gather actionable data 👉 Give it a try 🤗 Join our Slack Community

  • MakeStories helps publishers, marketers & designers to build, distribute & monetize visual, engaging Google Web Stories, faster. Without coding.

  • Firework brings the TikTok/IG/Snap Story experience into any Website or any app. Raised $55M in Series A, we aim to unite the open internet (decentralized and open) to fight against the giant social media (centralized and closed)