The best alternatives to Notion Book Essence Extractor are Summarize, Key Passages, and Booky. If these 3 options don't work for you, we've listed a few more alternatives below.
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Best alternatives to Notion Book Essence Extractor
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  • The most important part of reading is remembering, and yet we so often finish a book and never think about it again. How many times have you been asked about the last book you read only to realize you don't hav...

  • Key Passages is a mobile app to quickly and easily capture, review and organise passages from physical publications including books, magazines, newspapers, etc.

  • Booky lets you better organize knowledge from books you read. Just open Booky, snap a photo of the page and highlight any phrase. Booky automatically syncs with your Goodreads shelf and all notes you take are l...

  • It is a website that allows you through artificial intelligence to chat with any book you want. You only have to indicate the title and the author and through artificial intelligence you can chat.

  • Skribal is a free mobile app for readers everywhere. Skribal lets you find the books you're reading and make notes in a central, easily accessible place. Looking for that key quote from the last book you read? ...

  • Oxity is a modern workspace designed to store and organise all your book notes – helping you to remember more of what you read and to create your best work with everything at hand.