Monitor your servers & containers in real-time.
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What is Netdata ?
Netdata collects metrics per second and presents them in beautiful low-latency dashboards. It is designed to run on all of your physical and virtual servers, cloud deployments, Kubernetes clusters, and edge/IoT devices, to monitor your systems, containers, and applications. It scales nicely from just a single server to thousands of servers, even in complex multi/mixed/hybrid cloud environments, and given enough disk space it can keep your metrics for years.

Netdata tech stack

We're aware of 5 technologies that Netdata is built with. Netdata utilizes products like PostHog, Google Fonts in their tech stack

Recent launches

Netdata Monitoring Agent
Netdata is fast and efficient. The monitoring agent is designed to run on all systems without disruption. Instantly diagnose slowdowns and anomalies in your infrastructure with thousands of metrics, interactive visualizations, and insightful health alarms.

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