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The best alternatives to MyNFTeam are Gitcoin, NFT of the Day, and 24 Hours of NFT. If these 3 options don't work for you, we've listed over 10 alternatives below.
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Best alternatives to MyNFTeam
  • Learn the latest tech, earn money, and network with top developers passionate about building and sustaining a remote-first open source community.

  • Keep up to date with which NFTs are being sold the most and for the highest values 💰💰. It's also nice to see a random NFT every now and then just to know whats out there 👀

  • 24 Hours of NFT An infinite loop of awesome NFT art. Claim your seconds of the day to have your NFT art displayed on every day. Forever. Over 7200 seconds have already been claimed by 140+ artists! See it for yourself on www.24hoursofnft.com.

  • Rally is an open network that enables creators to launch vibrant and independent economies with their communities powered by the ethereum blockchain.

  • We have been wanting to provide a free resource for creators to be able to create, mint, and explore the NFT ecosystem helping them with more ways to monetize there income stream. 💖 from Creators HowtoNFT.org | StockUpCrypto.com

  • PowerFan empowers authors, artists & creators to conduct commerce in valuable and amazing new ways using value-added NFTs, social tokens and blockchain technology.

  • We are the world’s first hashtag NFT. Instead of selling pre-designed art, we commission designers to craft something unique to represent every hashtag minted. Proof of Culture is the first major NFT project to enable customized art on the blockchain at scale.

  • Cap'n Doge is a limited edition cereal. 13 come with a one-of-a-kind NFT collectible! Buy today at https://www.dogecoincereal.com/ Only available to customers based in the United States.

  • NFT on Me - quickly get all the NFTs connected to an address! Stay up to date with the latest happenings in the crypto world, and browse a curated selection of NFT platforms.

  • A new model to support founders and the companies that they're building. Collectors can now purchase NFTs in exchange for various perks all while knowing that the proceeds are going to support the (hopefully unicorn) companies of tomorrow.

  • NFTb is a Premium NFT Marketplace for digital goods built for speed and affordability on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), where NFTs meets DeFi.