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The best alternatives to Mr. Party are Storybeat, Redisk, and Shared Spotify. If these 3 options don't work for you, we've listed a few more alternatives below.
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Best alternatives to Mr. Party
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  • You bring the pictures and videos, we’ll bring the music and tools! Download the best story app to share your favorite moments. Easily add your favorite music to your video and photos, with millions of tracks f...

  • “Redisk will awaken your memory with the playlist” Create playlists of songs you've listened to in the past from your music library history. You can share the information of the songs you listen to most easily ...

  • Find the common songs you have with your group of friends by connecting your music accounts (Spotify and Apple Music supported). The app generates themed playlists you can then add to you library and listen wit...

  • Everyone becomes the DJ with Mixtape! Create an event, connect your Spotify, and then let your friends fill your Spotify queue. Mixtape allows you to curate incoming requests and even create a Spotify playlist ...

  • Storybadge is a Shortcut for Apple Shortcuts app that allows to easily share songs. No more screenshots of ‘Now Playing’ screen. 3rd Party Apple Music clients are also supported. (Tested on Soor)