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The best alternatives to Movies They Love are What to Watch, Raterfox, and Croovies. If these 3 options don't work for you, we've listed a few more alternatives below.
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Best alternatives to Movies They Love
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  • What to Wat.ch is a movie recommendation engine, created to give you an up-to-date source of inspiration when you’re looking for something to watch. See what movies and series that are currently trending, in a ...

  • The social platform for movie hunters and binge-watchers. Get personal recommendations from your friends, check out the reviews of Netflix-series or post your thoughts about the latest blockbusters. Join the co...

  • Meaningful movie ratings and recommendations

  • MovieHunt is a brand new social media app that awards everyone for creating meaningful original content and submitting MovieHunt requests. Every ‘hunter’ has a choice to either remain anonymous or become a lead...

  • Choose a Movie or a Show and our A.I. will tell you if you're going to like it or not.

  • Smart recommendations for movies, music and games

  • Q the app is a simple way to keep track of all those recommendations you get for movies, tv, podcasts, and books! Search and add items to your Q. Easily share lists with friends. Q is data private. No ads. No p...

  • Where can I watch this? is a free service that lets you check where you can watch a movie or tv show in your country.

  • Binger is a fun way of finding TV-series & movies to watch together. 1. Connect with a partner 2. Swipe right if you like a series 3. Match TV-shows with your partner 4. And then watch it together

  • If you feel tired of flipping thru OTT platforms searching for content or if you ever wanted to know about upcoming content, we at Samosachai have you covered. No gossip/scoop. Purely focussed on simplifying co...