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The best alternatives to Moosiko are Fretello, Uberchord, and Fret Zeppelin. If these 3 options don't work for you, we've listed a few more alternatives below.
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Best alternatives to Moosiko
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  • Fretello teaches you the guitar skills you need to play the songs you love, taking you from zero to hero with as little as 20 minutes of practice a day. You'll learn all the basics of guitar with our beginner v...

  • Uberchord is an interactive guitar teacher. Listens and adapts to personal progress, teaching you chords, rhythm, strumming and songs. Learn guitar!

  • Learn to play a Guitar in 60 Seconds.

  • MelodiQ helps you to learn and play your favorite songs on guitar with your own AI music teacher! The app will listen to your playing and provide instant feedback on the accuracy Great For BEGINNERS and ADVANCE...

  • Fretboarder is a web app to visualize the layout of scales and arpeggios on a variety of fretboards, from ukulele to 11-string guitar. It can overlap multiple sequences, display specific positions, highlight in...

  • Learn to Play Guitar - LEDs show you how to play

  • An educational game to learn the location of notes on the fretboard of the guitar and other stringed instruments. Eleven instruments are available, including bass (4/5/6 strings), mandolin, ukulele and banjo. ...