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Loopin helps you drive great meetings without any effort. 👀 Focus on the conversation while Loopin records the meeting 📝 Stop making notes tirelessly. Get perfect meeting summaries 🔗 Send directly to Hubspot, Slack, Email, or Notion ⭐️ Prepare with recaps sent directly to your inbox 🧠 Chat with your meeting. Never miss any important detail
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Loopin AI for Google Meet
Loopin records and summarizes the meeting notes so you can focus on the conversation. No more messy notes or missed action items. Share with your team directly via email or Slack. Prepare with automated insights from related meetings and collaborative agendas.
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Loopin is a workspace to manage your workday efficiently. A hub for meetings, notes, and tasks across all your work apps, Loopin makes your meetings actionable and helps plan your day.Meet better. Work better. Win together.
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