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The best alternatives to LifePinner are Wanderlog, Eighty App, and See Where I'm Travelling. If these 3 options don't work for you, we've listed over 10 alternatives below.
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Best alternatives to LifePinner
The smarter, simpler way to analyze your data

  • Write notes and map places you want to go on your trip in a single document with real-time collaboration. Export your itinerary to Google Maps for when you're on the go. And after the trip, easily turn your doc...

  • Convenient travel wishlist app with booking alerts

  • With Swit you can make beautiful travel animations and post it on Instagram or any other social media account. Or use the videos for your travel diary/video to illustrate were you went.

  • Add notes to real objects simply by taking a photo. Leave a recipe on a favorite ingredient. Remember who gave you a gift. Show Camma the object to retrieve your note later. With powerful, on-device computer vi...

  • By using TraveledMap, we allow you to make customizable maps for your travels thanks to the use of markers, routes and photos, which you can share or add on your website if you are a travel business (in white l...

  • Keep, share & explore your travels.

  • traveldays is your minimalist travel diary. Easily create beautiful albums of your trips along with a map of your travel route, for sharing and reminiscing.

  • Mymap.xyz is a simple web app to keep a track of all the cities you have visited or want to visit. Users can search for cities, add cities to a map, tag the cities and add short notes to them.

  • Explore 1092 sites classified world heritage by the UNESCO, learn about it or add it to your favourite to read later. Quickly this list become your source of inspiration for your next travels.

  • Share travel plans and always know where your friends are

  • Use Traverse to explore new places when I go for a run or a cycle. Think of it as a scratch map, or ‘fog of war’ over the world map. Each activity reveals more areas of the map. Connect my Strava account to Tra...

  • Every time we travel, we will enjoy the beautiful scenery we have never seen before, taste the unforgettable food of a lifetime, and perhaps meet some good friends. A wonderful journey is not only hidden in mem...