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The best alternatives to leerly are QotoQot, Langolin, and Lokas. If these 3 options don't work for you, we've listed over 10 alternatives below.
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Best alternatives to leerly
Transform API docs to real-time, interactive developer hubs

  • Try our apps to increase your productivity and get more free time as a result. Check out our blog for practical guides on personal efficiency and entrepreneurship.

  • Langolin teaches you just what you need to know to understand each episode of a foreign 🇪🇸 🇫🇷 🇩🇪 TV Show you'd like to watch.

  • Lokas is an iOS app that teaches you the most frequent Spanish words and makes you review them at specific time intervals. It also teaches conjugation!

  • Spaced Repetition is a half-century old, best to date scientifically proofed memory enhancement technique. Spacify focuses on design and simplicity, making it a perfect tool to get started with Spaced Repetitio...

  • Visual Verbs Spanish helps to demystify conjugation. View tenses on an interactive timeline, save verbs to lists, and study with flashcards. Avoid confusion with definitions, translations, pronunciation, and fr...

  • Only 20% of the world speaks English but most of our accumulated programming knowledge is English-only. We're going to use machine learning to translate Stack Overflow into 50+ languages to level up coders in t...

  • In Latin America, people tend to send voice messages rather than text messages on WhatsApp. TranslateQuick provides Spanish to English translation services for WhatsApp voice messages. Never be frustrated not u...

  • Enjoy blockbuster movies in Spanish at the movies

  • Learning Spanish? Super tap is the fun & easy Spanish learning app • Learn 1000s of the most frequently used Spanish words and phrases, no Spanish dictionary required • Review and improve with spaced repetition...

  • Learn Spanish the fun way by listening to latin music. Music is repetitive, interesting, and always gets stuck in your head. These are the perfect ingredients for language learning content!

  • Inspired by Duolingo, Langbox offers a distraction-free alternative with phrases that you can actually use in real-life situations. You can also bookmark any phrase you like and learn its pronunciation by press...