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The best alternatives to LeanBoard are Infinity Maps, StickyList, and Leantime. If these 3 options don't work for you, we've listed a few more alternatives below.
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Best alternatives to LeanBoard
The smarter, simpler way to analyze your data

  • The earth isn’t flat. Why are your tools? Dive deep into arbitrarily large amounts of information with infinitely zoomable knowledge maps. Visually represent & spatially organize your projects to - let ideas gr...

  • StickyList is just a sticky note for your next priorities. It isn’t feature rich, but it is powerful when used right. No Sync. No Reminders. No Repeat. Focus on your work, not our app. Only stored on your devic...

  • Leantime is the open source project management system to make your ideas reality. Manage your ideas, projects, milestones and tasks in one place.

  • GitX is a chrome extension that allows you to add notes/comments, only visible to project collaborators. This helps maintainers of the project to communicate with each other in GitHub itself and not use any oth...

  • Stickies is a fun visual way to curate, organize, and manage your work. Perfect for project management, taking notes, content curation, capturing ideas, and team collaboration. Get it on the web, desktop, mobil...

  • GitNoter is an open source web application that allows users to store notes to their github repository. It supports markdown format, so you can add links, tables, code sections to your notes.

  • HubDesk lets you receive and respond to emails with Github issues. HubDesk creates issues for each new inbound email thread and you can respond to the sender with an issue comment that starts with **@reply**. I...

  • A GitHub App/Action that automates the creation of issue branches (either automatically after assigning an issue or after commenting on an issue with a ChatOps command: /create-issue-branch or /cib).