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The best alternatives to Klujo are patron.ai, Gamified User Onboarding Checklist, and Quboo. If these 3 options don't work for you, we've listed a few more alternatives below.
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Best alternatives to Klujo
APIs to make your app enterprise ready

  • Yet another experiment from patron-labs. If you are looking for an SMTP solution to use in Firebase Auth. This might help.

  • Meet the User Onboarding Checklist by Traitly. It helps you to onboard new users faster and more effectively. Connect your data within a matter of seconds and add to your site with just one line of JavaScript. ...

  • Quboo is a Gamification Platform that integrates with Sonarqube, your CI/CD tools and any other process to help you get rid of technical debt, improve releasing processes, write better documentation, etc. Use t...

  • Turbo-charge your salesforce with gamification with easy-to-publish incentive programs, with live scores, earnings, and trends.

  • Responsible list is a launch list for makers wanting to gain user trust early on and improve their retention rate. Incorporate trust building strategies to prevent users from jumping off and learn abo...