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The best alternatives to KittyRace are Crypto Corgis, Valhalla Vacation Club, and Trusting Trust. If these 3 options don't work for you, we've listed a few more alternatives below.
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Best alternatives to KittyRace
Delighted Surveys
Delighted Surveys
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  • Crypto Corgis are adorable NFT collectibles on the Ethereum blockchain. A new unique corgi becomes available every block, and remains available for 256 blocks. Only 10,000 corgis can be claimed in total.

  • The Valhalla Vacation Club is a collection of 9999 hand-drawn Viking NFTs. Owning a Viking will unlock a number of monthly benefits and grant you lifetime access to the club, including physical rewards and a st...

  • Trusting Trust is a psychology like game. It's about why we should trust each other. Trusting Trust game allows you to win Ether cryptocurrency. Hope you like it :)

  • EscapeQR is a fun web-based arcade game that uses the Lightning Network in a pay-to-play model. Just like an old-school arcade cabinet, but instead of dropping quarters into a machine, you complete a microtrans...