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The best alternatives to Kiro PR Coach are PullRequest, Pull Reminders, and GitButler. If these 3 options don't work for you, we've listed over 10 alternatives below.
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Best alternatives to Kiro PR Coach
  • PullRequest is a platform for code review, built for teams of all sizes. We have thousands of on-demand reviewers and they are backed by best-in-class automation tools. Because code quality is important.

  • Dev teams at 1,000+ companies like Pivotal, Instacart, and WeWork use Pull Reminders to stay on top of code reviews and ship faster.

  • GitButler is a Git client that lets you work on multiple branches at the same time. It allows you to quickly organize changes into separate branches while still having them applied to your working directory. Then push your branches to GitHub and create PRs.

  • Create playlists from your favorite music sources.

  • Mergefly is a modern UI for GitHub Pull Requests. Our goal is to remove all of the frustrations surrounding existing pull requests by putting developers in an environment where they feel the most comfortable with the most amount of information.

  • Bojagi is a tool to simplify the workflow of designers working with developers. Designers visually review web components alongside a code review in a GitHub pull request. Reviewers interact with real web components, annotate and approve them.

  • Developers, having trouble with large pull requests you need to review?Visualizations of code change shows nicely both dependencies and the context. Additional insights helps to identify issues early. Hunters get a free month of usage in the cloud!

  • MergeQueue is a dev-tool that automates pre-merge tasks on Github like updating to the latest version of master, waiting for approvals and CI test results etc. It also eliminates build failures entirely, ensuring *always-green* builds (!!!!) on master/main.

  • Gomerge is a tool which allows you to quickly bulk merge and approve several pull requests from your terminal.

  • You can now Try Source Notify for free. 1 month trial is available Now! Source Notify is a software that allows you to manage your Pull Request status from Github, Gitlab and Bitbucket and Bitbucket self hosted from your menu bar

  • CodeKickBot analyzes your pull requests and drives out insights from them. Helps you to stay on top of your pull requests and receive enough contextual information to avoid silos without leaving your your Slack workspace.