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The best alternatives to Kinzoo are Picniic, OffScreen 2.0, and 1Question. If these 3 options don't work for you, we've listed a few more alternatives below.
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Best alternatives to Kinzoo
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  • Picniic is the family assistant that helps families become more organized, productive, and connected than ever before.

  • OffScreen 2.0 has a major update to help people focus on what matters when you working/studying from home. Less screen time can reduce your anxiety obviously. Pomodoro timer, Focus data analysis, Screen time ca...

  • 1Question asks a quick study question before granting children access to their favorite apps...like sneaking vegetables into cake! Instead of complete restriction, 1Question creates unlimited opportunities for ...

  • Discuss, manage tasks and share in real time.!

  • Knocknock helps you and your family/house mates better dealing with privacy at home. Create a household, add rooms, share the household id and start setting your status.

  • We all use our phones more than we should and setting app time limits doesn’t work. We just override it and get back to scrolling. ScreenZen for iOS uses rewards, gamification and awareness to help you build a ...

  • Create and customize tasks and set milestones for your child to achieve & incentivize your child with a packet of fun, learning & joy delivered right at your doorsteps on a regular basis. Inculcate habits for a...