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The best alternatives to JavaScripting are Toast Beta, Undesk, and 50 Tips on JavaScript. If these 3 options don't work for you, we've listed a few more alternatives below.
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Best alternatives to JavaScripting
Automated security compliance for your business in weeks

  • Toast is a forward thinking JavaScript meta-framework, utilizing the power of ES Modules and the Rust programming language enabling 10,000 page sites to build in 60 seconds. Toast is a bet on the future of the ...

  • All-in-one Project Management software Plan, track, and organize work together. Assign tasks, share files, and communicate with the team without using a separate app

  • The book is an ilustrated guide to 50 of the most interesting JavaScript topics. You'll learn about destructing, iterables, generators, helpful browser APIs, higher-order functions, memoization and design patte...

  • Verdaccio is an open source private npm proxy registry, Use it to cache npm packages to expedite the npm install commands you run in the future.

  • We decided to create a pastebin-like platform where you can easily paste code and import it as a module in NPM projects.