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The best alternatives to imHome Reminders are Plum Contacts, Hapen, and Remindr. If these 3 options don't work for you, we've listed a few more alternatives below.
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Best alternatives to imHome Reminders
The smarter, simpler dashboard software

  • With Plum, you can: - Set reminders to message your contact daily, weekly, monthly or annually - All the contacts from your phone in one place - No more forgetting which method to text or message your friend - ...

  • Share scheduling pages with your customers. We will send meeting notification where it is convenient for them.

  • Over 90%* of SMS messages are read within just 3 minutes of receiving them. Remindr helps you to automate sending SMS messages to multiple contacts in one single click.

  • Socialkeeper is an email based personal relationship manager. You get emails with links which open your favorite app ready to start a conversation. Open Whatsapp and other chat clients already on your friend's ...

  • Poppinz keeps your busy family life organized. With your family calendar, your personal calendar, shopping lists, contacts, chat, memories and more, you will never miss any family event anymore.

  • Mom's always appreciate hearing kind words, or a simple "hello" from their children. Remembertotextyourmom helps make that happen! Sign up with your name & number, and we'll send you a text every week (or month...

  • Actually remember to text that person back

  • Memo Reminders is application that will help you to do the thing you are often "forgetting", postponing, have a "valid" excuse for not doing it or simply: procrastinating.

  • "Hydrate." "How's your posture?" "Be kind to yourself." Whatever means the most to you, create Bubbs to randomly remind you, whenever it matters most.