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The best alternatives to iCukoo are Toucan Giving, Pledge Now Pay Later by CauseVox, and Fit Up.
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Best alternatives to iCukoo
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  • All your giving, right here, every month.Imagine an app where all the good you're doing is stored in one place. Where you can discover and support thousands of charities by barely lifting a finger. That’s Touca...

  • CauseVox’s Pledge Now, Pay Later is a charitable giving model that allows donors to make a donation pledge now and pay for that donation in several automatic installments. It's like Affirm/Afterpay, but for cha...

  • The last and only alarm app you will ever need. Stop hitting snooze and control your morning. Do a workout of your choice after wakeup, track it with Apple Watch & bet money on your success. If you fail you wil...