The best alternatives to Hustl are Poly Capture, HootSpy, and PhotoJourney - Time-lapse Video Creator. If these 3 options don't work for you, we've listed over 10 alternatives below.
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Best alternatives to Hustl
  • Poly Capture creates time-lapse videos of your Mac screen. Share your work as it grows πŸͺ΄
  • πŸ¦‰ HootSpy πŸ•΅οΈβ€β™€οΈ: Your secret weapon for increased conversions! HootSpy provides session recordings πŸŽ₯ so you can easily identify and eradicate any hurdles 🚧 that are blocking your user conversions. Join HootSpy today! πŸ”πŸ’‘
  • Create stunning time-lapse videos from daily photos with PhotoJourney! Capture fitness progress, record baby growth, track plant growth, and so much more. Camera tools like ghost mode help you align the perfect next shot. Export to video or GIF in an instant.
  • Customized handwritten timelapse videos
  • The easiest way to create cinemagraphs
  • MarkerLapse is a cross-platform desktop app which records your screen and from screenshots or screen video and makes it like timelapse. it's like documenting your journey or your progress in a video format and get an overview of your day in a short video
  • Create time-lapse video clips of your designs (pre-launch)
  • Timelapse Sketch is a Sketch plugin that records high-speed screencasts of your Sketch
  • Open source cross platfrom desktop app to record your work and make it a timelapse video of it with couple of clicks
  • Wigglegram is a series of photos of the particular object from a different angle. When the photos are combined in a short animation they become three-dimensional thanks to optical illusion! Make the 3D photo simply and easily thanks to an innovative app called Wigglegram. The app contains function of stabilization of recorded views (shots).
  • Full Control Over Your DSLR From Your Smartphone
  • This app offers a unique way to capture interval photos rather than video. Users can choose to shoot with one or more lenses. After shooting, they have the option to transfer to a computer or quickly combine images into videos for sharing on social networks.
  • Easily create awe-inspiring, frame-by-frame timelapses