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The best alternatives to HandyCalc are Tipping, Tipy, and Subtle Calculator. If these 3 options don't work for you, we've listed a few more alternatives below.
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Best alternatives to HandyCalc
  • Ridiculously quick tip calculator

  • Tipy is a simple tipping calculator because the other ones suck.

  • Subtle has contextual reveal at its heart and uses delightful motion to enrich the user experience and crisp typography to make calculations easy-to-read. It has scrollable operators that extends access to more yet occasionally-used operators.

  • Tip Calculator is an absolutely free way to calculate an amount of tip per person or total bill in general. It is all pretty simple: choose the bill amount, tip percentage and number of people - and voila!

  • A simple tip calculator for iphone

  • Tip Calculator is a super easy-to-use free online tool to calculate tips. It is also possible to split the bill and/or the tip between several people.

  • Tipping shouldn't be a complicated process after you have enjoyed a tasty dinner. Easy Squeezy is designed to make this process easier. Thanks for using the app!